You decided to go with your heart and get that beautiful wooden fence that completes the aesthetic of your home. The only thing that was holding you back was your concern about being able to keep it looking good through the years. What if we told you that wood fence upkeep might be easier than you expected? Here’s how:

Power Washing

Before you begin with your power washer, go over your fence with a wire brush to remove the crusted-on dirt and debris that the power washer might not get. Work as gently as possible if your fence is painted, so the paint job stays intact. Next, rinse the fence to remove some of the loose grime sitting there. When setting up your power washer, take precautions so as not to cause damage to the fence. A setting of 1500-2000 psi and a wide-fan tip will help you make sure you keep your fence from damage. Then, as you wash your fence from at least two feet away, keep moving in long strokes to make sure the entire fence gets equal attention.

Washing By Hand

Just as you needed to scrub down your fence before using a power washer, likewise, you need to do some preliminary scrubbing before washing it by hand. The key to hand washing your fence is the cleaner you use. Bleach is an essential and non-harmful additive to keep your fence looking new. Mix together in a bucket 1 part bleach to 2 parts warm water. Add a little mild soap for extra cleanliness, and scrub away with a non-abrasive sponge.

Without proper upkeep, a wood fence can contribute to an entire property looking rundown. However, keeping your wood fence clean can ensure that your home gets the respect it deserves.