It could be the whole reason (or a large part of the reason) you decided to get a fence… to help keep your new pet contained in your yard. If nothing else, this is a wise decision because animals feel comfort when their boundaries are defined. In some places, it is the law to have a fenced-in area for your dog. Whatever your reason, you now should consider your furry friend and your fence.


The most obvious factor you need to take into consideration is the size of your pet. A bigger dog means a taller fence to keep them in. That could eliminate wood fences, as they are not usually as tall as vinyl or aluminum. If you have a smaller dog, you will need to test to see how high he can jump, as many small dogs can actually jump higher than bigger ones. OR if they can slip through the rails. Pro tip: you can always attach a little bit of chicken wire to keep them in.


How much of your yard do you want to be enclosed? If you choose to fence in your entire yard, you will most likely be including a gate to the outer perimeter of the yard. Be sure this is a gate that can be locked and not easily opened by a smart dog. Also, keep in mind your view beyond your property. If you (and your pet) are going to want to be able to see beyond the backyard, you will want to have some space within your fence. Again, be careful how much space you leave if you have a small pet who likes to escape!


If you have a dog who likes to dig, chew, or scratch, be mindful of the damage they could do to a wooden picket fence. Some dogs might be able to rip pickets right off. Or, they run the possibility of getting splinters if they claw at the fence. In this case, you may consider going with a vinyl fence, since the sound of a dog’s nails on aluminum could drive the whole neighborhood insane.


A responsible pet owner uses a fence to help contain their furry family member and keep them from escaping. An even better pet owner makes sure they choose the right fence for their pet. Contact us today for your free quote if you’re considering a fence for your furry friend.