Sturdy yet still attractive, aluminum is a great choice for your property’s fence. Even better? Aluminum is easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Just keep a few things in mind for your fence to look its best throughout the years.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

The key to keeping your fence looking like new is to do the little things that keep it working the way it should. Keep any hinges lubricated and screws tightened; make sure you fix any posts as needed; and keep the kids from hanging on it or leaving the gate open.

2. Rinse With the Hose

On a regular basis, hose down your fence to remove debris that might have attached itself to the aluminum. This is especially important after mowing the lawn to prevent grass clippings from becoming attached, or when the lawn is sprayed with chemicals to remove them from the fence.

3. Clean Bottom to Top

One problem common to aluminum fences is the streaky appearance of being “run down.” This can be avoided by wiping posts with a towel from bottom to top when cleaning. The top of the fence should also get attention with a towel to prevent puddles from forming that could ruin the metal.

4. Use the Appropriate Cleaner

You may encounter different stains on your aluminum fence. Simple stains might just require a little soap and water, but tougher stains will require a degreaser. If you find rust on your fence, products such as CLR® can take care of the damage for you.

5. Finish the Job

It’s important to towel down your fence after cleaning with a lint-free cloth. If you’ve used soap or any kind of chemical, the residue could remain and leave stains. If you’ve only done a quick hose-down and not used any cleansing chemicals, You can just allow the fence to air dry.

Your aluminum fence can continue looking brand new with just a little attention through the year.