Now that you’ve checked with local authorities and neighbors to find out if adding a fence to your property will work out, and you’ve obtained the necessary permit, it’s time to start the fun part. Selecting the perfect fence! How can you make sure you selet the right fence for your needs? Stand Strong Fencing is here to help you choose your fence! Start with the basics: what material should your fence be made of?


This is the kind of fence you want if you need something mostly for its durability. One of the great things about our aluminum fences is that we use a special coating process that will mean minimal upkeep for you. No rust, and no staining required. Not to mention it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.


A vinyl fence is your best bet if you are looking for something strong and durable like aluminum, but aesthetically pleasing like wood. Vinyl is a great choice if you are concerned about water from a pool or sprinkler because it won’t see any damage.


Everyone loves a beautiful wood fence. Stand Strong Fencing has a wide selection of beautiful wood fences ready for staining or painting the color of your choice. And the best part? It’s certified to be the highest quality. So even when you aren’t paying top dollar, it will look like you did.

Chain Link and Wire

If you need the most in security, you’re probably looking at chain link. But choices still abound, to meet your needs while still going along with the design of your building. This type of fence is great for durability – even through a hurricane.

Of course, this is just a bare-bones look at the many choices offered to you at Stand Strong Fencing. Ready to start the process and choose your fence? Give us a call! We are ready to answer any questions you might have to get you the perfect fence for your needs.