Cleaning Your Aluminum Fence

Sturdy yet still attractive, aluminum is a great choice for your property’s fence. Even better? Aluminum is easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Just keep a few things in mind for your fence to look its best throughout the years. 1. Perform Regular Maintenance The key to keeping your fence looking like new is to do the little things that keep it working the way it should. Keep any hinges lubricated and screws tightened; make sure you fix [...]

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How to Clean Your Wood Fence

You decided to go with your heart and get that beautiful wooden fence that completes the aesthetic of your home. The only thing that was holding you back was your concern about being able to keep it looking good through the years. What if we told you that wood fence upkeep might be easier than you expected? Here’s how: Power Washing Before you begin with your power washer, go over your fence with a wire brush to remove the crusted-on [...]

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Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence

You most likely chose to get a vinyl fence because you knew it would be easy to clean. Well done! You are correct. Vinyl is a great choice because it is attractive, but not as easily taken to rust, making it a perfect welcoming front for your home. The only trouble you may have is knowing exactly the best way to clean your vinyl fence. Here’s the easiest way to do it. 1. The first thing you should do when [...]

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Considering Your Furry Friend & Your Fence

It could be the whole reason (or a large part of the reason) you decided to get a fence... to help keep your new pet contained in your yard. If nothing else, this is a wise decision because animals feel comfort when their boundaries are defined. In some places, it is the law to have a fenced-in area for your dog. Whatever your reason, you now should consider your furry friend and your fence. Height The most obvious factor you [...]

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Choosing Your Fence

Now that you’ve checked with local authorities and neighbors to find out if adding a fence to your property will work out, and you’ve obtained the necessary permit, it’s time to start the fun part. Selecting the perfect fence! How can you make sure you selet the right fence for your needs? Stand Strong Fencing is here to help you choose your fence! Start with the basics: what material should your fence be made of? Aluminum This is the kind of [...]

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Best Time of Year to Get a Fence

Can you get a fence any time of year? This could be an important question if you just got a dog or a pool, and are in a hurry to get your new fence in place. Let’s take a look at a few points to consider when the best time of year is to get a fence. More Availability in Off-Season Months The first thing you need to do to install your fence after you have your permit is to [...]

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Need a Fence? Start Here

If you’re a homeowner, you may have considered trying to define room for your kids or pets to run around in the yard. Maybe you’re putting in a pool and the law mandates you protect outsiders from getting into it. Or maybe you just want a little privacy from the neighbors. In any of these situations, you have thought about putting a fence around your yard. With the right people helping you, it may be easier than you think. Before [...]

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Wood Fencing In Hendersonville TN

Wood fencing is an excellent choice for any property or home owner looking for a fence that is budget friendly, earth-friendly, and that will seamlessly blend into virtually any environment. Wood fencing has many advantages, some of which include; privacy, can be stained or painted any color, will “Stand Strong” through the test of time, and even can increase your property value. Something Special About Our Wood Fencing Stand Strong Fencing pays to have our wood fencing 3rd party certified.  [...]

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