Can you get a fence any time of year? This could be an important question if you just got a dog or a pool, and are in a hurry to get your new fence in place. Let’s take a look at a few points to consider when the best time of year is to get a fence.

More Availability in Off-Season Months
The first thing you need to do to install your fence after you have your permit is to contact the contractor to set up a time. You’ll find that most appointments are taken during the warmer months. If you are willing to consider having work done in the colder months, you can likely get the pick of timeframes. This can also lead to speedier work since they don’t have to split their time as much with other clients.

Have It Ready In Time
Think about when you need your fence to be ready. If you have a pool going in, you probably want your fence to be done along with it before summer hits. That means you need to back up your train of thinking and start planning in the winter.

There’s No Bad Season
Here in Nashville, our winters aren’t as harsh as some of our summertime weather. If you’ve chosen a wood fence, it’s a good idea to let the wood settle a little in the cooler weather before it gets exposed to extreme heat or torrents of rain. At Stand Strong Fencing, we’re ready for your order any time you need it.

So, let’s answer our first question. Can you get a fence any time of year? The answer is YES! Sometimes it’s even better to get started in the colder months to have your fence ready to go in the beautiful spring and summer months ahead. Contact us today for your free quote!